Thursday, January 25, 2018


"I strongly believe in a synergy between the Traditional Institution and the Political Class"---- says Esewezie.

His Royal Majesty, the Obuzor of Igbuzor, Obi (Prof.) L.C Nwoboshi and his Council of Chiefs today (24-01-18) gave a Royal welcome to Hon. Innocent Esewezie and his entourage who were at the Palace to accord the Obuzor his due and rightful respect.

Having earlier sort and obtained permission from ONLGA PDP Chairman, Chief Nduka Ogwuda, it is very much in order to also seek the Royal Blessings from the Palace before consultations of Delegates begins.

With this belief and understanding in mind, Hon. Innocent Esewezie was at the Palace of the Obuzor to pay him homage and also seek his Royal Blessing concerning his Ambition to vie for the Oshimili North LGA Seat in the State House of Assembly come 2019.

After due introduction of the rich crop of persons who comprised the entourage, the OZIGBO OZIGBO Man, Hon. Esewezie took the floor to personally intimate the Palace of the reason for the visit.

Going down memory lane, the former Transition Chairman of ONLGA, Hon. Esewezie recalled that while as Chairman there was hardly any decision he took without first consulting with the Royal Fathers in the LGA and this synergy made it easy to attract development to the LGA and this is because he belongs to the School of Thought which strongly believes in a synergy between the Traditional Class and Political Class.

He promised the Palace that with him Representing them in the House of Assembly they should be rest assured of a robust relationship between the House and the Palace.

On this background, it is important that Aspirants should be made to give account of what positive impacts they have made with the political offices they had occupied or are currently occupying.

They should also be made to tell the people what they intend to bring to the table if given the mandate to represent them.

Based on this, Hon. Esewezie said he was at the Palace also to share some of the things he will be doing differently in the areas of Health, harnessing the full economic value of potential tourist site, amongst others.

He concluded by saying that he is presenting himself again as the Representative that will truly represent the Local Government's interest in the House of Assembly.

In his response, the Iyase of Igbuzor, Onowu Okonisha eulogized Hon. Esewezie's antecedents through his political journey till date and said that indeed "Esewezie bu nwata nta mana okemmor ka'obu."

He encouraged him to remain steadfast in his political pursuit and said prayers for him.

In his fatherly role, the Obuzor of Igbuzor advised all Political Parties to field their best Candidate so that the community and LGA will not be shortchanged.

The Royal Father said Prayers for Hon. Esewezie and gave his blessing for his Candidacy.

Hon.Jounty Okwudi who was part of his entourage gave the Vote of Thanks and appreciated the Obuzor for his warm reception.

He reiterated the fact that he wholeheartedly supports the OZIGBO OZIGBO AGENDA 2019 and calls for massive support for Hon. Innocent Esewezie.


"As e dey hot"
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