Thursday, February 15, 2018

IGR:How OSLGA Lost N71M Under Hon Obusom's Watch

*Ur Performance Is Poor....Legislators Told IGR Consultant
*Obusom's Actions Hindered Our Performance...Consultant

Okonta Emeka Okelum, Asaba, Asaba

In order to fulfill their campaign promises, the executive arm of Oshimili South Council, is determined to strengthen the council's revenue system, structure & operations.

In the same light, the legislative arm is already alive to her duties as they have outlined various oversight activities to help the council's revenue revamped.

Recently, the council's law makers invited to their plenary a revenue consultant during the Hon John Chuks Obusom's administration.

Mr Deji Oderinde, lead consultant, C.S.D.C Consulting, was the consultant contracted by Hon Obusom's administration to manage Oshimili South LGA revenue system.

At the plenary session, the house leader, Hon. Chukwuemeka Nwosa, and other councillors took turn to ask the consultant questions pertaining to his performance.

The consultant in his defence told the law makers that before commencing operations, he was briefed that the council on it's own mopped up about N50 Million form  revenue engagements.

He also informed the house that at commencement, the council's leaders then allotted 17 revenue bits to his company.

Mr Oderinde lamented that sooner than his contract commenced the Hon Obusom led administration downsized the number of revenue bits contracted to his firm and also allowed some council staff and other sub agents to parrelle their legitimate revenue mobilisation functions.

He also reported to the legislative arm that his firm entered into a four years contract agreement with the council under Hon Obusom's administration.

Our firm in the first year of operation was able to generate over N35 Million and in the second year was able to generate about N41 Million for the council, despite all the challenges I mentioned earlier, Mr Oderinde told the law makers.

Apparently not satisfied with his score card, the law makers outrightly made it clear to the consultant how unsatisfied the house was with his performance, bearing in mind that without a consultant the council could mobilize up to N50Million.

WhWhen the house questioned the consultant about their engagement with the council's revenue courts as a means to aid recovery of targeted defaulting revenue slots, the consultant regrettably recounted his firms many limiting hurdles the Hon Obusom's administration mounted against his performance.

Our firm was never allowed by the council's leadership to commence prosecution of heavy revenue defaulted.

We had written many letters to the council chairman seeking permission to continue legal actions against these revenue defaulters, that also met the chairman's objection.

At one point, Hon Obusom asked us, why do you want to prosecute revenue defalters, since when did your firm become EFCC?, the consultant told the law makers.

The consultant shockingly informed the house that more than N71 Million due the council via revenue drive is stalled at the revenue court as a result of the trial judge's in actions.

The consultant ceased the opportunity to ask the house in their report to the council chairman to allow him complete his four years contractual term.

The house leader promised that soon the house will in a report furnish the executive arm with their findings and recommendation.

He also told journalists during a private media chat that his leadership will strengthen the council's revenue bye law, exercise more oversight functions, to ensure that it all council's revenue leakages are blocked.

To be continued soon............


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