Monday, June 13, 2016

Oshimili South PDP Stakeholders & Leaders Forum Launch Battle Against Agents of Disunity

Okonta Emeka Okelum, Asaba

A political adage has it that "the people perish when good men do nothing in the face of bad leadership and societal ills.

Acting on the above premise, a political forum whose membership is drawn from the people's democratic party (PDP) in Oshimili South L.G.A of Delta State has raised her voice against what they termed actions and activities of agents of party disunity.

In an open letter made available to journalists after a crucial meeting of members of "Stakeholders, Leaders, Elders, Present and Past Political Office Holders in Oshimili South L.G.A" made their position clear today.

According to the forum's chairman, Hon. Idowu Onwudinjo, the group recognised Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, Governor of Delta State as the indisputable leader of the party in Delta State.

He frowned at the actions of some undemocratic elements, who use the worthy name of the state governor to perpetuate their undemocratic wicked acts in Oshimili South L.G.A, which the group vehemently refuse and seek the governor’s attention.

Recognising that the party has constituted Congress committee in all LGAs of the state, the group, in strong terms condemn the activities of these undemocratic elements who are not members of the Congress committee but parade themselves throughout the LGA as such.

To buttress their claims, the group pointed out that these elements of disunity and distraction selected their cronies from each ward as members of the Congress committee, and stated most worrisomely, that one of such hand picked person in ward 6 has just recently decamped to the All Progressive Congress (APC).

Ogbueshi Hon. Emeka Ojogwu, during a media chat with our reporter congratulated the state governor over his recent appointment of Oshimili South L.G.A party faithfulls and described these political agents of this unity as Oshimili South L.G.A electoral liabilities, who can not win elections in their respective units and wards, with no followers but only knows how to walk around corridors of power.

Probing into the activities of these agents of internal party disunity, Ogbueshi Ojogwu sought answers to pertinent questions.

"Who are the members of the PDP Oshimili South L.G.A Congress committee" " Are any of these agents of internal disruption listed members of the committee" "By the time the authorized committee is set for the job, would they meet an atmosphere of peace or of ranchor" "By the actions of these agents of disunity, are they not arrogating powers they do not possess unto themselves" "what manner of kangaroo impunity can we call this" Ogbueshi Ojogwu asked.

Mr Amechi Okpunor, who spoke to our reporter, thanked Governor Okowa for the appointment of the Hon. Commissioner for Health, Dr Azinge, who he described as a round peg in a round hole, fit and proper for the job.

He is not among the political jobbers who cause great disunity and needless political instability in Oshimili South L.G.A, we support the S.M.A.R.T Agenda and the Prosperity For All Deltans mantra.

Thank you, Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, as we are now experiencing more monumental milestone achievements in the areas of infrastructure & road rehabilitation, human capital development, social economic empowerment of Deltans and keeping faith with unbroken electoral promises in the past 10 months, Mr Amechi Okpunor highlighted.

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