Sunday, January 14, 2018

Dr Mrs Ali, Our Leader Superem....APC OSLGA CHAIRMAN

Okonta Emeka Okelum, Asaba

Ogbueshi Ben Onwuka, Oshimili South LGA Chairman, All Progressive Congress (APC), shared how with Asaba Post News Wire, impacts Delta North Senatorial District leader has made in the party.

Speaking with party faithfuls, at the party secretariat, the LGA party chairman, noted that Dr Mrs Nneamaka Miriam Ali has demonstrated true leadership.

He made this statement yesterday, Friday, during a thank you post election meeting, organized for party elders, leaders, excos and party flag bearers.

We are here to celebrate our stole mandate.

This meeting is organized to thank all candidates, LGA and ward chairmen, for their roles during the election period.

Our feat at election ground proves that we are on ground.

Note this today, all of you here today, we have to keep our APC structure strong and active.

After the just concluded election,  some of the PDP faithfuls I met on the street made some remarkable confession.

One of them told me on a good note that their party, PDP beat APC but they did not win us, Ogbueshi Ben Onwuka said.

Since the recent past, when we just had a new Delta North  Senatorial leader, trends and events had changed within our party.

He advice all elders, leaders to accord and respect the leadership status of Chief Dr Mrs Mariam Nneamaka Ali, as APC Delta North Senatorial leader, she has proved that she deserves our support, APC Oshimili South LGA Party Chairman noter

What happened at the APC Oshimili South LGA Mega rally before the council polls was disheartening, I see no reason  where Chief Hycinth Enuha will be introduced as the Delta North Senatorial District leader.

This move is wrong, it is unacceptable, Dr Mrs Ali is and remains our most prefered senatorial district leader and never Chief Enuha, Ogbueshi Ben Onwuka pointed out.

He further stressed that anyone who want to be actively involved in APC Delta North Senatorial District politics  must queue behind the ever progressive leadership prowess of Dr Mrs Nneamaka Miriam Ali, EnyiKpakpando Ahaba.

I make bold to assure all our candidates and party flag bearer in the just concluded council polls, that all their efforts to win the elections, though robbed, will never be efforts in futility.

He called upon all present to wake up to a new wave of progressive political consciousness.

Speaking one on one with our reporter, Ogbueshi Ben Onwuka, shared deeper insight on the proactive leadership status of Enyi Kpakpando Ahaba, Dr Mrs Nneamaka Ali.

One vital thing about politics is complete loyalty and this loyalty must be given to whom it is due 100% in APC Delta North Senatorial District Politics.

We must be grateful to the sterling leadership qualities of Dr Mrs Nneamaka Miriam Ali, Enyi Kpakpando Ahaba.

She single handedly saved all of us in Delta North Senatorial District a lot of shame last year, especially, during the Christmas period, when Chief Enuha and enemies of Delta North Senatorial District almost left the District in total disgrace.

What hindered our party's political progress in the past years, i bet you will not be allowed again to repeat itself again in this party again, Ogbueshi Ben Onwuka said.

The APC Oshimili South LGA party flag bearer in the just concluded January 6th council polls, Engr Chike Philip Juluga, ceased the occasion to thank all party faithfuls, party elder, leaders and executives.

We are now fortified with greater party integrity by reason of our last electoral feat at the council polls.

Our party's strength has being demonstrated and publicly shown that we are on ground and formidable, the fact that even those who were not our party members graciously believed in us and voted massively for us, makes the huge difference, Engr Juluga stressed.

I call upon all in the party to build on the positive aspects and high points of our party's exploit, please use all your endeavours to position our party for greater impact in future elections.

Of the recently concluded January 6th council polls, Engr Juluga maintained a hard liner's position.

We won the election moraally , technically speaking, the victory was ours, there is no doubt that progressively speaking, everyone in Oshimili South LGA knew we won the election.

Our leadership must be rebranded, maintain a more progressive outlook and seek more opportunities to become proactive, so that we can effectively reposition ourselves for future political victories at the polls, Engr Juluga said.

For Hon Uche Keshi, his position was that of appreciation and thanks to all party faithfuls for their impact at the January 6th election.

He also supported and Stressed the need for a ward level thank you visit.

As a party, there is great need for us to go back to our people at the ward level and tell them that we appreciate their love and sacrifice for our party.

He also promise to make some contribution towards the realization of the ward to ward thank you visit.

The meeting never came to an end, until more radical and progressive view points unveiled their proactiveness.

Leading the pack of these progressive alternative opinion leaders was Konwea Chukwuemeka, who in his views believed that his political party's mandate was stolen.

He advocated for a post election communique to stress the party's position and possibly calls for some sustained  legal actions

 This election was rigged and we can prove it if our party elders and leaders are ready to pursue it.

We can pull our resources together and make this cause a reality, Konwea reasoned.


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