Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Why Hon Ebeodi Eluaka Should Represent Oshimili South At The State Assembly

Okonta Emeka Okelum, Asaba

Experience they say counts a lot and one vital basis for effective performance.

Same position is vital for positive and effective representation that is sort for in Oshimili South LGA.

The state house of assembly representation that the council area requires is such that is not a neophyte in terms of legislative business, AN EXPERIENCED LEGISLATOR AND ONE WHOSE POLITICAL CAREER IS FOCUSED ON LEGISLATIVE ENGAGEMENT.

To a very great extent, Horn . Anthony Ebeodi Eluaka, fits perfectly well into the above political construct.

His proactive legislative engagement and result driven leadership roles at the Oshimili South legislative arm till date speaks volume and a veritable basis for him to be given another higher legislative opportunity to both serve and represent the good people of Oshimili South State constituency at the state assembly.

As the saying goes that more responsibility is what you give to champions and potential proactive political actors, this more responsibility is Hon Anthony Ebeodi Eluaka's portion.

Our stand and position that he be given this golden opportunity is based upon some empirical premise, his past political antecedents, milestones attained and success stories to his credit.

Hon Ebeodi Eluaka's membership and leadership roles in  the immediate past Oshimili South legislative chambers provoked, recorded vast scores of legislative achievement, positive sustainable community development initiatives.

Hon Eluaka's tenure at the legislative chambers as it's  house leader, witnessed robust legislative engagement, a  leadership that was neither a push over nor a political rubber stamp.

Right from his day one at the legislative chambers till his tenure at Oshimili South legislature ended, one fact stood out clear, this fact was that Hon Ebeodi Eluaka led the hallowed chamber creditablely well, such that his achievements and leadership records, was yet surpassed.

Our support for Hon Ebeodi Anthony Eluaka to become the next Oshimili South legislator at the state house of assembly is not only hinged on the premise of his naturally articulated legislative leadership prowess and responsible pro community development driven initiatives , but that Hon Eluaka has fared well with respect to his spiritual, domestic and communal responsibilities cum relationships, which remains a positive yardstick to measure responsible and purpose driven political leadership.

His support for various community development initiatives that are pro people besides his active participation and leadership in Oshimili South legislature while in office happens to be the reason for us drumming support for candidature and eventual emergence as the Oshimili South most prefered law maker at Delta State House of Assembly.

Most recently, his pro community development instincts again spoke loudest, when Hon Eluaka positively responded to his ward's appeal to help them resuscitate their dilapidated and unfunctional public bore hole water supply system.

A response which attracted many positive response from community and grassroot opinion leaders.

His love for a peaceful and progressive community development had prompted him to embark upon and supported silently many community development initiatives.

Hon Ebeodi Eluaka, during his tenure as house leader at Oshimili South legislative arm, initiated and championed drafting and passage of bills that brought grassroot communal sanity, good governance and sustainable development, which helped the executive arm record their success stories, a practical example of how a legislator is supposed to support the executive to drive home sustainable infrastructural development and good governance ideals.

During Hon Eluaka's tenure as house leader, Oshimili South Legislative arm recorded the drafting and passage of the following bills, institution and initiatives, which after his leadership, has not being surpassed.

Oshimili South council today can happily boast of an Improved Internally Generated Revenue, which was made possible by the passage of the bills that saw the establishment of a revenue court and the revenue bye law.

The current sanity Oshimili South LGA can boast of today, especially, within the council's inland town communities, was made possible again by Hon Ebeodi Eluaka's house leadership, which proactively drafted and passed the Private Sector Participant (PSP) bill and provided the legislative background and frameworks that made possible the establishment of Oshimili South environmental task force.

The above twin environmental friendly initiatives were made possible by Hon Eluaka's led legislative assembly.

He also championed other sanity and community development focused bills and initiatives, which include but not limited to drafting and passage of bill prohibiting street trading, bill prohibiting loud street mobile adverts.

He also worked round the clock at seeing the successful implementation of Oshimili South youth empowerment/development initiatives, one that financially empowered hundreds Oshimili South Youths.

Hon Eluaka is committed to do more for the people, environment and society, which he had demonstrated at every opportunity of community service, political engagements and social cultural participation.

With these above well researched piece, it was in the interest of progressive and well meaning political society like Oshimili South LGA, that more responsibility is the reward thrown at true leaders and champions, for which Hon Anthony Ebeodi Eluaka represents.

It is our political perspective and stand that the best of political vibrancy, proactive representation and meaningful result oriented sustainable community development can be attained with Hon Ebeodi Eluaka's representative at the state house of assembly for the good people of Oshimili South State Constituency.


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