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Izu Ndi Eze Ahaba Throws Obi Konwea Off Their Fold

Izu Ndi Eze Ahaba Throws Obi Konwea Off Their Fold

* As Obi Iweka Enem's Eze Title-Taking Rites Halted

Okonta Emeka Okelum, Asaba

These times are not the best of times for Izu Ndi Eze Ahaba (Pan-Asaba Association Of Red Cap Chiefs) as they work round the clock to uphold and sustain Asaba traditional and cultural ethos, as custodians of same.

It was not a thing of funfare for them disassociating one of their own (Obi Engr. Godfrey Konwea) from their fold, but upon the grounds of gross insubordination and shameful debasement of the leadership of Izu Ndi Eze Ahaba Institution, their action found expression.

According to a letter dated January 8th, 2018, from Izu Ndi Eze Sectretaria, with copies sent to Asagba In Council, Otu Ihaza Ahaba, Okpala-Ukuw (Community Heads) of the
five Quarters of Asaba and to all village heads in Asaba and signed by all Asaba Red Cap Chiefs, shared full insight into the reasons for their  action against one of their own.

With dismay Izu Ndi Eze Ahaba reacted to an underserved response they got from one of their own, in an attempt to have him explain to them the merits or demerits of a legal document wickedly circulating town wide, as the content of said document is not worth associated with a man of his status.

The said legal document was an Asaba high court ruling presided over by His Lordship, Honourable Justice C.O Ogisi (Judge) on Thursday, 14th July, 2011, with suit No A/277/2006.

According to the judge's pronouncement and ruling as contained in the said court document, Izu Ndi Eze Ahaba thought it wise to have one of their own share his feelings with them and and fashion out means of nipping the bud at it's head before the situation runs out of hand in Asaba.

The Izu Ndi Eze Ahaba January 8th 2018 correspondence to Asaba Community leadership has it that Obi Engr Godfrey Konwea had been invited to their meetings to clear the air on this brewing potential volatile issue on 1st December 2017, 4th January 2018 and 6th January 2018, respectively, all invitations according to them were never honoured by Obi Engr Godfrey Konwea.

An action that prompted their disassociating him from their Izu Ndi Eze Fold and communicating same with the rest of the Asaba Community.

In a swift response during a one on one media chat at his country home, Obi Engr. Godfrey Konwea, initially was of opinion that he has no comments to share with the media.

On a second thought, Obi Engr. Konwea insisted that if Izu Ndi Eze Ahaba have an issue to deal with, it should not be made a public or media issue.

He insisted that the best place to handle all traditional matters should be at Asagba In Council.

I do not see the need of taking any traditional matter to the police, media or court.

We have to first of all exhaust all traditional channels, organs and institutions, Obi Engr Godfrey Konwea inisited.

In a similar situation, Izu Ndi Eze Ahaba rose from one of their recent meetings with the resolution to put on hold all the rites of Eze Title Taking ceremony currently embarked upon by Obi Iweka Enem.

Information getting to Asaba Post News Wire ONLINE, has it that Obi Iweka Enem has perfected his intentions to be installed an Eze Ani Ahaba in a fashion or approach the Izu Ndi Eze Ahaba perceive is contrary to the laid down traditions and customs of the Asaba people.

Our source hinted us authoritatively that Obi Enem in his bid to ascend to the Eze Ahaba status had already sought and obtained the approval of his Umuonyia vilage and Onaje quarters as well as the blessings of the Asagba In Council to commence with the Eze Title Taking rites.

Things fell apart, according to our source, when the Eze Title Taking Ceremony came to the Igbu Madu stage, where we were informed that Obi Iweka Enem wilfully refused to perform the rites to his quarter's already existing Eze Title holder, in the person of Obi Dr Ibeabuchi Ugboko.

Asaba Post News Wire was informed by our source that the Igbu Madu rites is a mandatory preliminary rites an Eze Title Taking aspirant must subscribe to before other rites will be performed.

This Igbu Madu rite, our source maintained, is all about collecting a written list of requirements and conditions to be met before an aspirant can be installed an Eze Ani Ahaba, which Obi Dr Ibeabuchi Ugboko by custom and tradition of Asaba, was supposed to hand over to Obi Iweka Enem.

Another aspect of the Igbu Madu rites entails the Eze Aspirant to produce and read out his curriculum vitae and that of his wife to Obi Dr Ibeabuchi Ugboko before commencing with the rest rites that will eventually have him conferred with an Eze Title.

Our source further shared with us that the Izu Ndi Eze Ahaba had as at the time of going to press instituted a legal action against Obi Iweka Enem and equally served him copies of the legal writ via a court bailif.

The said legal action against Ogbueshi Iweka Enem by Izu Ndi Eze Ahaba, according to our source, prays the court for an order of perpetual injunction restraining Ogbueshi Iweka Enem from taking further actions that will eventually have him conferred with the title, rank or position of an Eze in Asaba, pending the hearing and determination of the substantive suit before the court.

In disregard to the court writ sent to him, our source maintained that Ogbueshi Enem has continued with his Eze Title Taking Ceremonies, on the premise that no court document was served by any court bailif to him.

Our source shared that Obi Enem's action is tantamount to court contempt and the legal consequences might not be a palatable one and suggests that Obi Iweka Enem should lay hold on his Eze Title Taking rites, retrace his steps and go back to Obi Dr Ibeabuchi Ugboko, mend and broker peace with him as the tradition demands before commencing with the rest of the ceremonies.

When our media crew had an encounter with Obi Iweka Enem, he shared insight into some above mentioned issues.

He denied ever receiving any writ from any court bailif.

Obi Enem asked us, between Ndi Eze and the Asagba In Council, who is above the other in traditional scale, he said, of course, it is the Asagba In Council.

When asked why he skipped the Igbu Madu rites, he sharply responded, I did not skip the rite, I did it as required contained in the list I got from Asagba In Council.

I performed the rites to Ndi Ogbu society in Umuonaje quarters, when I went to Obi Ugboko, he refused to receive the items I came with, Obi Iweka Enem noted.

Yes, of course, there was an initial slight error with my presentation at the palace, but that was corrected, you can see from a video in my mobile phone, where Obi Ugboko presented my intentions to the palace.

I have no fear about any court action, and I am confident that I will successfully complete my Eze Title  Taking rites, because I have the right list from the palace, any other list is fake and I will not subscribe to such list.

I am using the same coronation list used by Obi Damasus during his Eze Title Taking ceremony, Obi Enem insisted.

When I met with Obi Ugboko, he told me that there are two items, I must be ready to fix, when he told me what they are I agreed that am ready to have it done and there and then he assured me of my worthiness and fitness to continue with the rites, Obi Iweka Enem pointed out.

With this impasse, I stand for justice, Asaba culture and tradition can't be hijacked into the grips of very few individuals.

There are no recognized association for title holders in Asaba, all we have are the Otu Ihaza and the Asagba In Council.

Sharing his views to us, Ogbueshi Peter Enem, maintained that what is playing out so far is nothing but a sheer case of intimidation.

We asked questions well before this Eze Title Taking Ceremony began and using the right and official palace  list.

Asaba is a well advanced community, we have in palace a unified list for all title taking ceremonies, marriage and burial rites from the palace.

Any other list that is not consistent with the palace unified list to us is null and void, it is not acceptable, we will resist to be cowed into such intimidation, Ogbueshi Peter Enem observed.


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