Thursday, January 11, 2018

OSLGA will Be A Model, Cleanest LGA....Cmrd Osadebe

* As Comrade Osadebe Tours LGA Dept' On 1st Official Day In Office

Okonta Emeka Okelum, Asaba

Today, Wednesday, the executive chairman, Oshimili South LGA, Comrade Uche Osadebe, marked his first official day in office.

His first day in office witnessed a long dutiful day, as the executive chairman took time to tour all the council's facilities, offices and departments.

The tour gave Comrade Uche Osadebe opportunity to have a first hand experience of the state of the facilities, offices and departments.

Comrade Osadebe's tour took him round the legislative chambers, chambers/offices of the revenue court, environment department as well as the health section of the council.

Other departments the executive chairman toured included the budget office, records & statistics department as well as the works department.

Comrade Osadebe's last flap of facility tour took him through the Chairman's official chambers, chairman's support staff offices, Vice Chairman office, his support staff offices, the Secretary to the local government's office and various offices for supervisory councillors.

The council boss was led through the facilities, departments and offices by the Head of Personnel Management (HPM), Mr Godfrey Okonta, Comrade Osadebe was accompanied on the tour by his vice chairman, Comrade Sunny Obi Nwose and a host of other political associates, the council's departmental heads, media crew and well wishers of the council.

After the tour, Comrade Uche Osadebe, granted a media chat with journalists.

I met an impressive and friendly body of senior staff, the friendly disposition of the Head of Personnel Management as well as that of the Treasurer to the local government is second to none.

When asked to share his views about his feelings on the state of infrastructure, facilities, offices and materials within the council secretariat, his response was apt.

Going by what I saw while on the guided tour, there are a lot of things I saw here that are not supposed to be here again.

Some of these things are obsolete and out dated, I believe it is time to change them, definitely, we will change them.

His response about the future of the council area under his watch, he summed up progressively.

Our administration will build and reposition Oshimili South LGA to become a model in Delta State.

You see this is the capital of Delta State, here is the mirror with which one sees the rest of the state.

It is my Committment to change the way things are done here, we must make it happen, make it a model and make sure Oshimili South LGA becomes the best in Delta State, Comrade Uche Osadebe affirmed.

When journalists asked him to share his mind about the state of the council secretariat premises, Comrade Osadebe never mixed up words at responding to us.

Obviously, you can see for your self that the council's premises are very dirty, you can see everywhere is dirty, this is unacceptable.

Our administration is going to change this, because, there is a saying which says 'Charity Begins At Home'

We must start from here by keeping our official environment clean before going outside to impact upon our wards and communities, the council boss said.

One of my major plan is to see that Oshimili South LGA becomes one of the cleanest council areas in Delta State.

My target is to be able to so clean our council area so that it can be compared with the cleanliness status of the metropolitan city of Calabar in Cross Rivers State.

Such that after our three years in office, people will say this is the legacy our administration left behind for posterity, Comrade Uche Osadebe assured.

Comrade Uche Osadebe reaffirmed his government's earlier stated Committment to an open door policy for all Oshimili South LGA natives and residents with progressive and constructive opinions, ideas and solutions, that will translate to prosperous opportunities for the people.


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