Wednesday, January 31, 2018



By Barrister Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe (EA Communications).

The new name of the All Progressives Congress (APC) is LAMENTATION PARTY. From May 29, 2015 till date, the party and its key spokespersons including President Muhammadu Buhari have been lamenting.

The lamenting APC and blame game President seem to have exhausted their skills in propaganda and blame game. Of late, Minister of Information, Alhaji Lai Mohammad lost his steam; sounding perplexed and disorganised.

The once vibrant Lai Mohammed is consistently waxing cold and now read  comments from carefully crafted scripts. He can no longer look straight into cameras to confidently speak about the CHANGE mantra of the APC.

Lai Mohammed once said that any government that cannot fix our local refineries within 24 months can best be described as self serving government and must not be taken seriously.

He told Nigerians in 2013 that Fuel Subsidy does not exist anywhere, adding that the corrupt PDP NATIONAL government cooked up subsidy to steal money from the national treasury. Do we have fuel subsidy today under APC national government and President Buhari?  The answer is YES. Are they rogues, YES.

Lai Mohammed said APC will restore 24/7 electricity within 12 months and restore Naira value from N160 to $1 to N1 to $1. Same Lai Mohammed told Nigerians that it is an acute evil for Nigerians to buy 1 litre of fuel at a cost of N97. He said APC and President Buhari will fuel our tanks at N4 per litre of petrol within six months in office.  APC promises kept today? NO. Blame game and deception.

Lai Mohammed in 2014 told Nigerians that free education is the right of Nigeria citizens and it is evil to owe University lecturers and not pay their financial entitlements, allowances and get promoted as at when due. It was same Lai Mohammed who said that it does not take more than three months to fix Lagos-Ibadan Expressway and Shagamu-Benin Road. APC promises kept three years later? NO. Blame game and lamentation.

Lai Mohammed can never forget that he told Nigerians in 2015 during APC presidential campaign that the Niger Delta which produce the golden eggs will be developed within 24 months in office through proactive leadership and partnership with multinational oil companies in the region.

He blamed PDP for her bad governance and assured Nigerians that Buhari will transform the nation's economic to the highest level within 24 months in office. APC promises kept three years later? NO. Blame game, deception and lamentation.

I can go on and on to remind Lai Mohammed of his numerous press statements, interviews and political talk shows between 2013 and May 29, 2015.

Today, Lai Mohammed is talking from both sides of his mouth. The promises made by APC and President Buhari as enumerated above stares Nigerians in the face. APC and Buhari administration failed to deliver. Our nation's economic problems escalated and the reverse is now the case. Nigerians are suffering like never before, no solution at Sight under APC and Buhari.

Today, a litre of petrol is between N145 and N180, Forex is now N380 to $1, cost of power jacked up over 100%, electricity supply is epileptic and no sign of 24/7 power supply. Free education is not at sight, University Teachers condition of service in comatose and non-teaching staff of Federal Universities still on strike.

Cost of living is on the rise daily due to consistent acute inflation. APC kept rolling out figures indicating economic growth in midst of high inflation, rise in cost of transportation and rising unemployment in Nigeria. 30 minutes flight now cost between N30,000 to N45,000 as against N18,000 in 2015.

The lamenting APC and the lamentation President Buhari refused to accept their cluelessness and gross incompetence in the management of our nation's affairs. The blame game continues. APC is now a lamentation party.

When President Barack Obama came on board as United States President, the economy of America was in comatose but he never shifted blames. He introduced far reaching economic measures and the economy bounced back. He rescued America's economy within three years in office, economic boom began, jobs were added and Americans survived.

Obama's track record during his first tenure was amazing without blame game and Americans applauded him and voted overwhelmingly for his second tenure. In Nigeria, the blame game continues three years into the APC and Buhari administration. Nigerians are dying of hunger and poverty plus Fulani Herdsmen brutal killings across the country.

Lai Mohammed and Femi Adesina have become chronic liers and confused propagandists; crafting empty and deceptive innuendos to save APC national government and President Buhari. What a pity!

Nigerians are very angry with Buhari and APC, and the reasons are obvious. They were deceived in 2015 and voted for APC and President Buhari. The deception continues and the agents of these open deceptions are Lai Mohammed and Femi Adesina. These men owe Nigerians serious apologies and generations unborn will surely refer to them as a duo of evil propaganda and deception.

President Buhari will be remembered as a clueless President, tribal bigot and highly uncoordinated. It took eight months for him to appoint Ministers and three years to appoint chairmen and members of federal boards and agencies. Dead people futured as board members under President Buhari. This is the height of gross incompetence and cluelessness.

Some people somewhere who are enemies of Nigeria are saying that President Buhari remains APC best choice for 2019. Why not if not? He must return to establish Fulani colonies and quasi Emirates across Nigeria. Jokers of the highest order.

In 2015, I worked 24/7 taking two hours sleep for months to defend and craft media campaign for Delta APC, Olorogun Otega Emerhor and President Muhammadu Buhari.

Today, I am pained for my roles; Buhari and APC are unserious entities with anti Nigeria Unity agenda. They mismanaged our nation's economic and brought unending poverty, hardship and hopelessness on 180 million Nigerians.

APC is free to present Buhari as their sole presidential candidate in 2019 and the party leaders are free to hire the best American propagandist to handle their election media campaign. Nigerian Youth are ready for Buhari and APC come 2019.

The evil of Fulani Herdsmen backed by the Buhari administration will not be forgotten in a hurry. Buhari introduced inequality and openly exhibited tribal sentiments in numerous federal appointments in the military and intelligence hierarchy. Too bad.

I know for real that Nigerians are wiser than APC and President Buhari including members of his deceptive kitchen cabinet. Bring Buhari in 2019 and let Nigerians decide.

Election rigging will not help APC and Buhari. We shall diagnose your campaign slogan and messages. We shall expose every move of your deceptive campaign. This acute poverty must end in 2019.

I trust Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the euthentic  Leader of Yoruba Nation's politics. He will not support the lamenting President Buhari in 2019.

It's obvious that Femi Adesina and Lai Mohammed are in the bad books of Nigerians for their lies and deceptive information dissemination.

Buhari must go home to rest in Daura come 2019. 

Goodbye Sai Baba!

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