Tuesday, January 30, 2018


I'm under a strong moral obligation to write personally once again to clear the air on certain misgivings and Mis informations that is being fed members of our great party especially in Delta North in a bid to keep the party United as one.

I'm deeply saddened by certain posts that I read on the APC Delta north platform as most writers are worthy and sincere members of our party whose loyalty is not and can never be in doubt save the fact that certain informations must be kept sacrosanct.

In 2014 a group of us whom are young men met at the Ikoyi residence of my great brother and a amiable leader Prof Patrick Okedinachi Utomi to brainstorm on the way forward for our party and most importantly, the role that we expected Delta North to play at the formation of APC.

At the meeting was the erudite world class professor of Economics, Dr Nosike AGOKEI Esq, Chief Tony Azuya, Mr Felix Morka LLM (Harvad), Dr Chris Ugo a few others that I can't readily remember now.

Our discussions centered on whom should emerge as the National Chairman of the party and of course I had Dr Alex Ideh in mind due to his antecedents and doggedness which would have given us an edge over the other states, I called Asiwaju at the meeting and informed him j would be coming with some people from Delta to discuss certain issues and our interest as a ethnic nationality.

Ladies and Gentle men, I decided to pick those that will go with me based on their perceived loyalty to the party and ability to manage critical and crucial informations hence I settled for Mr Felix Morka, Chief Azuya and Dr AGOKEI whom was unavoidably absent when I got a call that I had kept Asiwaju waiting.

We met and discussed for a few hours after I had concluded with the 1st set of people i led to him and in the cause of our discussion, Asiwaju made a preference for Oyegun to become the deputy National Chairman south south of the party and mandated me to lead the team to persuade him to accept the offer.

We left Bourdilon that said night and Chief Azuya called me at about 2am after battling sleep severally and insisted we must pressurize Asiwaju to accept Oyegun as the National Chairman of the party, his reasons were principally that OYEGUN's wife is from Illah in Oshimili North while the mother is from Delta Central.

We met severally with Asiwaju on this topic in more than and the turning point was when I and Chief OYEGUN had a 2 hours discussion at the pool side of the Lagos Airport hotel, we discussed various issues that bothers on party discipline and unity in the presence of a known lady.

Chief Oyegun openly opposed the candidature of President Mohammadu Buhari but informed that he went as far as visiting Theophilus Danjuma to persuade him to run for the office of the president pairing with Asiwaju Bola Tinubu as his vice, I immediately called  Chief Azuya and told him I have good grounds for us to convince Asiwaju to make him the National Chairman.

It must be expressway stated that during the negotiations for National offices, Chief Oyegun was resting in his hotel room while I was with Chief Azuya at the Abuja Lagos house residence of Asiwaju Tinubu with and other notable chieftains ensuring that the debate to Favour Oyegun prevailed against all odds.

The decision of Chief Azuya to quit APC was painful as same was also very sad as its a known fact that if u support a man to build a house and make him the caretaker of the house and the same man throws you out with a view of re writing history, you will have no choice if you are indeed popular but to show case your strength outside your home. Mimiko, Fayose, Arise and Kako Are whom defeated Muiz Banire's candidate in Mushin Lagos are living examples 

I must state clearly that I was aggrieved and left the APC to support Chief Great Ogboru but on the the day I was to get a flag at the WARRI township stadium I was prevented from presenting myself by the Osun state governor thereby abandoning the race as a mark of respect to my benefactors in the west, is same applicable to Tony Azuya whom spent fortunes ensuring the enthronement of his in law  as the National Chairman of his party?

He has paid his dues and if he left and decides to return home to the house he jointly built, I feel only the co owners and not opportunists whom used his platform to rise to political stardom can question his return, having been found worthy by the delegates in 2015 to represent the party in the general elections doesn't translate to a life automatic ticket of trying until u succeed.

I want to conclusively state that all aspirants should and must be provided equal oppurtunity of testing the good will of the delegates in a free and fair primary election, I appeal to Chief Enuha and his team in the CDA to lend me their slogan that no man is God.

Injury to one is injury to all and conclusively I wish to use our motto in ACN which says democracy for Justice, pls let the best emerge.

All Aspirants should campaign vigorously in the party and avoid hate campaigns as what ever stone u cast now will be used against our candidate by the PDP after the primaries, go all out and make the party popular and not sending them away. Thanks you once again.

Charles Nwadiani

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