Wednesday, January 31, 2018



The best way to know, who a man his, is to check his past antecedents.

It has become audible to the deaf and clear to the blind that the man called Dr. Tony Azuya is not a push over in the politics of Delta State as Aniocha/Oshimili is concern.

The Aniocha/Oshimili Norths delegates knows that Dr. Tony Azuya is a political heavyweights that can weather any ranging political storm.

This is a man whom after the formation of the his political party as a founding member, left due to injustice; because of fairness and peace left to form and bring in a relatively unknown party in Delta State less than 3 weeks to election and build a structure with and subsequently won election with it, but the result was shortchange.

Thus, only a political enigma can do this, capable of winning election anyday anytime.

Just before the local govt election 6th January. Dr. Tony Azuya collapsed the structure he has personally built with his hard earn money into the APC of which most of his foot soldiers viey for councillorship with the support of Azuya.

Hence, help in restructuring the APC party in their various wards; which has promoted the growth and popularity of the party in his constituency making it a beautiful pride.

Now, just bearly One week that Dr. Tony Azuya declared his intention to represent his Anioch/Oshimili after several calls and consultations. The political atmosphere of Aniocha/Oshimili has become charged and reawaken by the name Tony Azuya.

Hence, those who knows his political clout in the other political camp has become sore afraid and jittery. Because, he has the grassroot support base and the capacity to upturn things and win on all front.

Finally, Dr. Tony Azuya inclusion into the race of Aniocha/Oshimili will not just make our party more formidable and robust; but a beautiful pride capable of wining election in our quest and mission for APC take over Delta. Wouldn't such a man be considered!!

The choice and decision is ours, if we want to move forward in the politics Delta State and national recognistion by our great party at the central or remain were we are, God forbid!!

Thank you all as you ponder on this. Selah!


Andy writes from Oshimili North

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