Thursday, February 1, 2018


"I am not a member of APC. At a point when Obasanjo was destabilizing the PDP which I was a founding member, a number of us left . We joined hands with Tinubu to form Action Congress (AC).

We were developing that party with him until it became Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) . I talked to my friend Tinubu, we are very close . I told him that we need to develop the progressive party in Nigeria. He didn’t believe me, he preferred to go and link up with the most right wing group in the North .

And that right wing group was headed by Buhari in the name of CPC . At that point I left the party and came back to the PDP. I have known Gen. Buhari when he was the military Head of State, I was a university lecturer then. I know the tyranny that was visited on this country.

I refused to be part of that team . I warned Tinubu that he will regret bringing Buhari and imposing him on the party. I believe he is regretting silently without telling Nigerians . But more is to be expected. I am sorry to say that if Buhari is re-elected in 2019, it will not only consume Tinubu , it will consume so many other people. It may even lead to the disintegration of Nigeria.

What should the country do to avert this?
I don’t want this personalization, it is not about Buhari as an individual . Buhari is only part of a wider right wing political movement represented by people like Nasir el-Rufai. There are many others whose names are not being mentioned . Even if you replace Buhari with another one of them, you will still have the same problem.

I think Nigerians should be educated to know that this group of people even in the individual state they are ruling don’t mean well for democracy. Tinubu made a mistake. He is a democrat , he is a progressive . He needs to connect with the progressive wing of the North, progressive wing of the East to build a progressive political movement that will advance not only the economy but the stability of Nigeria .

Tinubu docked with the most right wing group in the North and that is why we have a problem. He as a progressive has no control. Initially they tried to push him out, that is why they gave huge ministries to people they thought were oppositional to him,Tinubu.

The only minister Tinubu nominated and was accepted is Lai Mohammed who is nothing more than a talking parrot.

Tinubu has to retrace his steps if Nigeria is going to survive. If that group continues in 2019, they will turn around and be more vicious on Tinubu and his progressives, more vicious on the rest of Nigerians . People will react when this happens. Democracy will suffer. I am sorry to say that the unity of the country will be threatened."

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