Monday, January 29, 2018


 By Comr Edmond Onyeuku Uwagu

1. To restore back the dream of our progenitors and to make Nigeria work, Nigerian youths must take action now; arise from their perpetual slumber and stop complaining of marginalisation, corruption and bad leadership.

2. *I believe that the time is now for our youths as well as new hands (elders) to wake up from their slumber; break that jinx and take up the mantle of leadership through political involvement and vying for public offices in credible elections. We should rise up from our slumber and find our relevance within the political sphere. Nigerian youths deserve better and its time to command good governance by our actions as youths, shove up support for youths in governance and stage a peaceful revolution* .

3. Some of us bemoan the bad leadership in the country but do nothing to address the state of affairs. 

4. *Ahead of 2019 general elections, some of our youths have even started campaigning for some of these failed politicians seeking for a 2nd, 3rd and 4th terms; they take to the social media on daily basis, even to the extent  of quarrelling among themselves only because they were given stipends to recharge their phones, buy internet data, pay their rents, buy bottles of beer, and probably because they were promised SA's and PA's after they might have won elections.* 

5. It would be foolish and cowardly to ignore reality starring us in the face. 

6. *We all have to rise from our slumber now and teach these bad leaders lessons, take back what originally belongs to us. Teach them how to play politics and what it means to lead by participating directly in the socio-economic and political arrangements and re-engineering of our country. We cannot wait until  we become rich and affluent before getting involved in this noble agenda.* 

7. Personally, I believe that a people-oriented ambition should not be allowed to die because of lack of money.

8. *We must understand that leadership and politicking is not a sole preserve of the rich and mighty as its being played out across African countries. Today youths can lead in any capacity and bring the much needed transformation in the system* 

9. *It is an aberration when youths still continue to see themselves as no fit for governance and for any meaningful change in the country just because they do not have cars or money. 

10. *Today, we need to begin to look to the future with hope and pride in our hearts that beyond being millionaires which is the craze of our society that we can make our dear country Nigeria better for the good of all.* 

11. The kind of revolution we envisage for now can only be facilitated through youths participation in a credible elections. It is only through the instrumentality of election we can take the bull by its horns.  

12. *Election malpractices are perpetuated by we the youth who have been paid by some desperate politicians who wants to win by all means. We have to stop this nonsense now and for once start doing things the right way.* 

13. No good leader will ever emerged from a rigged election

14. *With the help of the youth, the bad and desperate politicians usually rig out the good ones thereby leaving us with grave and undesirable consequences from bad governance.* 

15. We need to sanitize or demonitize politics and redefine grassroot governance.

16. *There are better ways of playing politics - without handing out money or other forms of material inducements, without rigging or violence but with a thorough, holistic and fact based sensitization campaign, with a true heart of love for the people and with a clear vision of where our societies need to be. Under this atmosphere, even the poor can lend their voices, their time and their resources to uplift our local government, our state and our country,* and finally;

17. We have to embrace politics without money in our country, so that leaders will emerge and not rulers, servants to the people and not bosses. When we play a no money politics, elected leaders will work and not refill the h and borrowed pockets. They will not be under pressure to pay back all they have spent. Only then can we conquer hunger and bring the needed development in our society.

 *_Arise Nigerian youths!_*

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