Monday, January 29, 2018



Delegates of a registered political force in Delta State, FACE-TO-FACE political group have thrown their weight solidly behind Dr. Cairo Ojougboh over what they described as his astituteness and humane disposition towards good governance in the state and urged him to run for the governorship of the state in next year's election. They described Dr. Ojougboh as an astute politician and dependable leader strongly committed to seeing the emergence of a greater Delta state during a meeting with him at his country home in Agbor today, friday 26 January, 2018.

Spokeperson of the group, Apostle Sorokwu described Dr. Cairo Ojougboh as a soja of truth whom Deltans from all walks of life have come to really admire and appreciate in recent times. "Sir, we want to use the opportunity created by this meeting to appreciate you immensely for your good works towards the development of our state and categorically want to let you know that we want to work with you to keep Delta alive. We call on you to contest the next governorship election in the state to save Delta state from the mess it is emmeshed under the present administration".

Other members of the group who spoke at the meeting include Prof Sunday Akporoi who acknowledged Dr Ojougboh said, "Akinuwa, we came to fratanize and partnership with you and to call on you to run for the governorship position of the Delta State in order to rescue our state from the hands of corrupt cabals and move the sate forward. "Sir, we have no doubt but strongly believe that you have all it takes to liberate Deltans from the shackles of bad leadership in the state today and this has prompted our call for you to run".

Welcoming the group, Dr Cairo Ojougboh thanked the group for their visit, foresight and for having great confidence in him, saying power belongs to God and same God will enthrone good leadership in the state in 2019.

Addressing the group, Dr. Ojougboh made mention of salient issues in the state that requires urgent attention that boils down to the obviously visible abysmal performance of the present administration in the state. He frowned at a situation where a government that preaches prosperity for all Deltans will be the same government buying guns and fire arms for anti cult groups to molest innocent Deltans and used as tool for election rigging. Dr. Ojougboh said all these must stop as he has discussed with the Inspector General of police in Abuja to address the ill.

Speaking further, he said as a Soja of truth, "I will look into your request and call but I want to assure you that I will continue to defend the downtrodden and fight for the less privileged in our land at all times".

 In attendance are:

 (1)Prof Sunday Akporobi.... chairman.
 (2)Appostle victor sorokwu..... Secretary.
(3) comrade Nelson Aminanwa..... PRO.
 (4)Lady Frances Olloh..... member
(5) chief Andy Nkwor..... member.
(6) Lady Anne Nwabueze......  member.
(7) Evang jerry Amovie
(8) Mr Collins

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