Monday, January 29, 2018

Hon. Ezewezie remains the Man to beat come 2019 – Grassroots Publishers

 Grassroots Publishers believe Hon. Innocent Ezewezie is the only person capable of representing Oshimili North in the Delta State House of Assembly come 2019.

The group claimed that as at now, there is no credible person capable of taking Oshimili North out of its current challenges apart from Hon. Esewezie, because his political pillars are rooted in the grassroots.

The group having X-rayed all the intending aspirants who are vying for the seat through their online public opinion poll, based on our poll result Hon. Esewezie was picked as the only voice that can give Oshimili North quality representation looking at his antecedents; as a loyal PDP member who has served the party in various capacities and has delivered in all his mandates.

In the history of Ibusa, having traced the track records of Ibusa sons who had occupied the Executive position of Oshimili North Local Government, nobody has ever performed even half of what this able, vibrant, talented and young grassroots politician, Hon. Esewezie did when he was appointed Transition Chairman for less than two years.

The records are there for proof. So based on these, we believe he remains the only credible candidate who has been tested and trusted  by the party leaders and people of Oshimili North.

Hon. Ezewezie receiving blessing from his Father, Mentor, and Leader, Most Distinguished Senator Peter Nwaoboshi

The Grassroots Publishers stated this after a closed door meeting of its Executive members in their Secretariat at Asaba, yesterday, January 24, 2018. 

According to the group Secretary, Maduike Ifeoma, for now, there is no credible person capable of taking Oshimili North out of its current challenges apart from Hon. Esewezie because the Council need a voice now just like what Our Most Distinguished Senator Peter Nwaoboshi is currently doing at the Senate.

Hon. Esewezie being a political student who passed through Senator Nwaoboshi’s political school, we believe he will follow the foot steps of his political Mentor and Leader.

The Grassroots Publishers have come to notice that some intending aspirants are hiding under the big name of our most Distinguished Senator Peter Nwaoboshi to boost their political profile.

Based on this, the Grassroots Publishers advice all intending aspirants to unfold their own manifesto and tell the good people of Oshimili North what they are capable of doing as an aspirant and stop deceiving the good people of Oshimili North that Our Most Distinguished Senator Peter Nwaoboshi has already anointed them with his political holy oil.

It was based on our independent assessment of Hon. Esewezie’s past and present records that we believed that what God brought him to achieve in Oshimili North Council, he will definitely achieve it because he is following the political foot step of his master and mentor Distinguished Senator Peter Nwaoboshi.

When Hon. Esewezie visited his Father, Mentor, and Leader Our Most Distinguished Senator Peter Nwaoboshi on Jan 4th, 2018 to Consult with him, Our Most Distinguished Senator Peter Nwaoboshi took a jolly good but brief trip down memory lane of Esewezie’s journey into Politics.

He didn’t mince words when he eulogized Hon. Esewezie’s virtues and encouraged him to go out to the Field of Play because he knows he is very serious, very strong and more than qualified to Represent Oshimili North in the House of Assembly.

He ended by quoting, “No Politician is adjudged Successful except he leaves a Successor.” the above was the remark of our Most Distinguished Senator Nwaoboshi .

Hon. Esewezie is bouncing every day to the glory of God, we appreciate this and we look forward to God in helping  him take Oshimili North through 2019 to 2023 – that is our prayer because for now there is no candidate with strong will as far as we know that has the capacity to take Oshimili North out of where it is today.

We believe that Hon. Esewezie has the capacity, political strength, antecedents to do so. Hon. Esewezie is a Sell able Candidate because he is Young, Vibrant, Experienced and has delivered in every task assigned to him both from Party and State levels.

The Grassroots Publishers therefore appeal to the good people of Oshimili North and its leaders to give Hon. Esewezie the required support come 2019 because of his acceptability not only by the youths and old  but also the Royal fathers as witnessed yesterday when he paid a courtesy visit to His Royal Majesty, Obi Prof. Chelunor Nwaoboshi, the Obuzor of Ibusa, as we all know that charity begins at home. He was highly accepted by the Obuzor and his Council.

It’s no longer business as usual and all contenders should work for their votes while we eagerly await who crosses the finishing line first.

Hon. Innocent Esewezie is bringing OZIGBO OZIGBO SOLUTIONS to the good People of Oshimili North LGA and he will demystify the office of Oshimili North LGA representative in the state House of Assembly like he did the office of the ONLGA Chairman.

OZIGBO OZIGBO AGENDA 2019 remains the Man to beat come 2019.

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