Monday, January 29, 2018

Overwhelming Reasons Why Ndi Anioma are Rooting for Senator Bar. Peter Onyeluka Nwaoboshi

This Piece is neither for character assassination nor a media hype.

I have not set out to go to  Media War against anyone. That's not our style in SPON Platform.

 It is not why we are thick and waxing stronger by the day. The last time we checked, we are yet to see someone who could match Senator Nwaoboshi both in character and sagacity.

All we have been inundated with so far are streams of left-handed, pedestrian, lewd and salacious limericks  taken for media war and peddled by bunch of low-voltage gossip circuits and hired infantile social media propagandists Grossly crude you would say.

Petty, I guess. But we remain unscathed. We understood that a drowning man will always reach out frantically for a straw or a piece of floating debris, even.

  However, it would amount to doing ourselves a disservice if we let down our guard and fail to bring the good people of Anioma up to Caution and point them to what they are up against.

We saw it as our constitutional responsibility to set our priorities right, unleash our foot soldiers but not with wet gunpowder! The good people of Delta North Senatorial District deserves the best.

There would be no need to experiment with unknown parameters at this point. The facts are there for all to see.

Events are evolving and the people have their eyes peeled on things. No man will hoodwink the people into believing in a part-conclusion casually started.

Anioma people want a man they share some chemistry with; some zing. A partner to plural justness wouldn't amount to asking for too much,and pushing these demands a notch, the people wouldn't want a Senator who cannot celebrate Easter, or Christmas, or even New Year with them.

Ndi Anioma needs a man who they share some camaraderie with, a Senator that will attend their children's Dedication, Wedding Solemnisation in Churches and of course, Church Services together with his Constituents without coercion.

A Senator that shares the same belief with other political Office holders in the State. A Senator who promotes the things of God, helps in enriching our Faith, encourages our Clergymen and women to remain steadfast in their Christian faith is what the people need at this time and SPON is a pious.

My humble self and myriad of others who share and revel in the ideas SPON propagate do not hate people from other religious sects.

However, recent events in the country suggests that we rise up to the challenge and take some precautionary steps to safeguard our future.

We cannot afford to toil with our wellbeing and security by entrusting our future and that of our children and aged Farmers in the hands of blood-socking scoundrels who manifestly kill without batting eyelids.

Recently, the quest to pass a bill for open grazing is garnering momentum and we have come to that point in our nationhood where we found ourselves between the devil and the deep blue Sea. Would you rather usher in a man who would turn the other way on the grazing bill debate?? Your guess is as good as mine.

Ndi Anioma, the time to make hay is now. The iron is red hot and deserving the bender's strike. The time to make that home-run has come!

May God bless.

My Humble Submission..


Jerry Nwakpunku Umehai..

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