Tuesday, February 6, 2018


BY Matt Moris

 1 . Your ability to Dream Big .

        * Dream Big dreams coz they will give u a drive.
        * Dreams will inspire you and will give you direction.
        * Go after your dreams and this will give you energy to work hard.
        * Success is highly dependent on your desire to dream big.

 2 . Become an Expert.

        * Read books about MLM.
        * Become a leader and develop Leadership skills.

3 .  Create a Game plan.

        * Write down ur game plan with an Action plan....
        * It must be very Specific, u shouldn't be vague with ur goals.
        * Create a purpose behind your goal, a reason why you have to pursue and accomplish that goal.
        * Look at your goals everyday and the steps your to take to achieve our goals.
        * Massive Action, have the massive desire for success..... *_Success_* = _Your_ _Level_ _of_ _Skills  x_ _Action_

 4 . Massive Action.

         * Act, when you put massive action u develop massive skills.
         * Your Level of Success =Skills X Action.
         * Massive Action =Massive results.

 5.  *Leadership.

        * Everything rises or falls on Leadership, Build your Leadership abilities.
        * You don't have to look for a Leader but u have to first become one.
        * You must have a dream bigger than those u lead.
        * You must have an Attitude superior to those you lead and display, Commitment, Integrity and Character.
        * Have Commitment to Personal growth, do not stay in the state of Stagnation.
        * Persistence and determination and do whatever it takes to become a winner.

 6 . Build your Vision.

        * Your vision is what determines your success.
        * What do you think or say about yourself... The thought you put in your mind.

 7 . Take 100% responsibility.

         * You have to take charge, do not blame others for your failure to succeed, because when u blame others u hold yourself Powerless.
         * When your team is not active, take responsibility.
         * Do not try, give your best and do your best.
         * Take full responsibility for your business and everything in your life.


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