Tuesday, February 6, 2018


Just saw the laughable write up by one Maxwell Ajufo about Pay Onwuamuzor and Austin Ndinwa.
That's the height of desperate and junk journalism on social media.

Both men are trusted pals and engine room workers of PPA, very socialable, gregarious, but principled jolly good fellows.

This gentlemen have friends across the political divides and are free to associate with them despite belonging to different political parties and persuasions .

Politics is not enemity, niether is it a war of attrition, whereby you sought to annihilate and disfriend your protege on account of political differences, that is nothing short of political immaturity.

As counseled yesterday, the formal declaration by PPA for the 2019 will elicit confusion in the opponents camp and all manners of disingenous write ups, propaganda and lies will pervade the social media space.

Just ignore them please and considerate on our agreed strategy.

PPA has no business with APC, likewise Mr pay and Okenmili, our opponents  were just uncomfortable with that well attended declaration at the Senator's residence.
Time to get back to work please, Adankele Ajudua is the PDP candidate in the waiting and the sure winner for that contest in 2019.

Don't join issues with purveyors of fake news and near excellent propagandist, thats what they are paid to do.
This is an official statement from the campaign headquarters of GOD'S PROJECT GROUP,  PPA 2019.

Hon. Emma Utomi

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