Tuesday, February 6, 2018


Just yesterday I cried so loud to the hearing of all the good and innocent people of APC Delta State about the secret plans of the out going Chairman of our Party in Delta State through the evil manipulation of the Major Enemy of the Party in the Party who even knowing that he is the most unpopular politician in the history of politics in Nigeria State still craftily proclaims himself as the State leader of the Party.

For about a week now,this self acclaimed leader has completely turned the APC in Delta State into an Agberos Garage where most of the LGA chairmen and Ward Chairmen had been made to reduce the once exalted and respectful positions to mere Garage positions.

Infact,we now realized that the deliberate state of Starvation and Slavery which the wicked Leader placed them on since 2015 and tuned them to reckless political prophets who once they hear the proclamation of the word one million will immediately continue to speak in tongues and make different prophesies like adoption,anointing,votes of confidences,votes of no confidences,elevations and devotions etc.

This tread has completely diminished the once cherished morals of the so called party executives and infact turned them the the political conductors of APC in Delta State,what a shameful situation we have because of greed and sickness been placed on.

The most painful part of the whole Saga is the the supposes State Executives members headed by Prophet Jones  are now since yesterday Sunday seen as the most vocal political prophets after being oiled financially by the Enemies of the Party to destroy or ridicule the good intentions of our party's only Senator in the State.They have been collecting millions of Naira from the Delta North Politicians through the self proclaimed leader who has turned his house to the political Garage headquarters.

Prophet Jones being intoxicated by the millions given to him by a governorship aspirant from the Delta North through the self acclaimed leader now sees himself as an emperor and the removed the Vice Chairman Delta North of the Party who was also elected with him through a Congress and replaced him forcefully with the campaign Manager of the governorship aspirant called Chief Victor Ochie as the new Vice Chairman.He did not end there but called the State Secretary to stay clear from his dangerous actions because he has fully mobilized financially to crush anybody who dares his illegal actions even as regards the new appointment which he just did.

The questions begging for answers are;-
1.Is the Chairman's house in Port Harcourt the state headquarters office of APC Delta to appoint and sworn in a Vice chairman?.
2.Is it not the duty of the State Secretary of the call for the meeting of about 16 members of the SWC to take such critical decision if really necessary and matters deliberated on and judge according to the constitution and Law of the land?
3.Is the Vice Chairman not elected together with the Chairman on a well conducted Congress and if it's so can the Chairman unilaterally sack the his Vice which can not even happen in Agbero's Garage?.
4.Did the SWC actually held any meeting as proclaimed by the emperor Jones?..

Based on the above,i hereby request the State secretary to respond as a prove that he as the chief Administrative officer of the State secretariat is party of this wicked plot.

Finally,i call on all members to rise up and defend our party by requesting to the total dissolution of the Executives in the State immediately and call for a new one to be put in place.
This is our case for total freedom.

I remain,

Prince Christopher Akpojotor Agaga.

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