Tuesday, February 6, 2018


......The mystery of blood is so deep, blood is generational

By Onyelike Achiever Darlington

Dead men don't go to court but their bloods goes to court and speaks. Genesis 4:9-10, Rev. 6:9-10, Luke 11:49-51.

Before you shed the blood of one another, think twice because bloods have voices and it reports directly to God Almighty.

A boy and a girl who knows that they are not ready for marriage and engages in illicit sex and as a results of that the girl gets pregnant and they sponsored the abortion , definitely the blood of that unborn child must cry against you.

A man was given a road construction contracts to do a good road and he ended up doing a substandard road and that road has been the reason for series of accident and premature death, the truth of the matter is this : the blood of those that died in that road must surely speak against that man.

You were asked to build a house for the church, hospital , government or for public uses and you ended up diverting the fund and using an inferior materials for the job and eventually the house collapse and killed a lot of people, my friend the blood of those people must cry against you.

A Judge, lawyer or magistrate who jailed an innocent person because of bribe or gave an unlawful verdict against an innocent man because of money or for what ever reason and if that man dies his blood must surely be on their head and must cry against them.

You were contracted to supply drugs and medicine to a certain hospital or pharmacy and you ended up supplying fake drugs in other to make more money and people are dying because of those drugs, my friend you are guilty of their blood and it must fight against you.

A mechanic who ended up using an inferior parts to repair the cars of his customers just to divert his money and because of that singular acts the customers drives on the highway and had an accident and died, his blood will surely speak against the mechanic.

An assassin who kills innocent people for money or for any political reasons will never have peace because the blood of the dead must certainly cry against him.

A terrorist who engages in bombing and killing people for any reasons will never have peace of mind because the bloods of the people he bombed and killed will definitely cry against him.

Political leaders who sends out their boys to go and kill their opponents for what ever reason will never have peace of mind, the bloods of the innocent will certainly speak and cry against them.

The mystery of blood is so deep, blood is generational and that's the problem of Nigeria, all we need is Gods mercy, it is the mercy of God that can save Nigeria.

May God almighty forgive Nigeria.

Written by
Achiever Darlington Onyelike


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