Wednesday, February 7, 2018


By Cyprian C. Odifili

The Coordinator of SPON Youth Movement, Amb. Oz Odubu has said that no degree of propaganda can stop a second Senate sojourn of the lawmaker representing Delta North Senatorial District in the National Assembly, Senator Peter Nwaoboshi.

Mr. Odubu made the disclosure why addressing and intimating some Anioma Citizens at the Novena University community, in Amai Kingdom on 6th February, 2018, on the activities of SPON, the need for Anioma students/youths to give him the necessary support and as well disregard the Senator's deluded criticisms.

Stressing that Senator Nwaoboshi is performing more than expected at the RED CHAMBERS, so it is expected of every well meaning Anioma indigenes/ his constituents to give him the required support, to enable him do more and as well, disregard his critics, because their criticisms are founded mainly on propaganda, characterised with delusion and laced with malice.

All in their scandalous attempts to divert the attention of Delta Northerners, especially the students/youths from the commendable achievements of the Most Distinguished Senator Peter Nwaoboshi.

Mr. Odubu said that Senator Peter Nwaoboshi primary duty is lawmaking, but because of his level of patriotism, he has continued to utilise his NDDC/Niger Delta Senate led committee in attracting massive NDDC projects to Delta North, even as an opposition Senator, which are evidence of his doggedness, political elegance, his administrative dexterity and charisma.

Furthermore, he voiced his dissatisfaction at the attitudes of some deluded Anioma political analysts, political jobbers, touts who has resolved on blackmailing and saying untrue things about the Senator because of their selfish reasons.

Some, in the guise of working for some aspirants, discrediting our Most and Reverend Distinguished Senator Peter Nwaoboshi who has suddenly become a centre of attraction in the Red Chambers.

Speaking further, Mr. Odubu stated that It's high time some Anioma communities starts summoning some of their children involved in these acts of disrespect against Anioma first Citizens.

"Because judging from Senator Nwaoboshi continues representation of the Senate in diverse National assignment and with the recent one at the House of Common, United Kingdom, you will believe that Anioma now has a voice that we must protect at all cost in the National Assembly. It's no gain saying, Senator Nwaoboshi is actually doing well, so he deserve the support of every well meaning youths for continuity, come 2019", Mr. Odubu added.

While eulogising the achievements of Senator Peter Nwaoboshi, he disclosed that the distinguished Senator should be commended for ensuring the inclusion of Anioma students in the NDDC International Scholarship Programme, the inclusion of Ndokwa Youths in the Presidential Amnesty Programme (PAP), his bill to establish a Federal owned Polytechnic in Kwale, his bill for the Amendment of NDDC Act 2000 (which has been passed into law/assented by Mr. President),  about six other bills, he has sponsored/Over ten (10) motions moved.

His #100 million Naira worth mega empowerment held at Asaba, around December, 2016, his over #5 million naira worth empowerment for the disabled, around September, 2017, his #39.2 million naira financial empowerment to about 784 persons across 98 INEC Wards in Delta North, on November 1st, 2017, aimed at boosting microcredit businesses, his Obi Francis Nwaoboshi Foundation (OFNF), for indigent students, being funded with over #60 million naira annually, totaled about #280 million naira worth of empowerments in about three (3) years of representations. Not forgetting also the housing apartment he built, furnished and donated to Charity.

While feeding questions from some students, Mr. Odubu further informed them that Senator Nwaoboshi through his Senate led committee on NDDC/Niger Delta Affairs, he has utilised in attracting road construction projects to Delta North, with over 16 roads completed.

Three  (3) Federal skill acquisition centres has been built across the District. Some youths have been trained through the Federal Amnesty Programme he fought to ensure Ndokwa Youths benefits from.

Meanwhile, a student who pleaded anonymity stated in quote; "Bros, what you're saying in the aspect of propagandas to tarnish the good works of the Senator is true. If you can remember after that Delta North PDP meeting that was held in Kwale, the next day, a publication was trending online that Senator Nwaoboshi was stoned and chased out by angry youths at Kwale, which is not true. I was privileged to be in the place were the story was forged.

Bros, you see some of those boys doing those things, some of them are being paid #20 Thousand Naira monthly by one Prince to tarnish the reputation of Senator Nwaoboshi. I was even contacted by my friends to join them, but I refused, I told them the money is too small for my kind of person".

Reacting to the above, the coordinator of SPON Youth Movement, Mr. Oz Odubu stated that the Propaganda being largely circulated by some subjects, especially the Image Makers of Alhaji Nwoko (the mentioned Prince) an aspirant, will be attended to, at the right time.

Because nothing as such happened at Kwale, as they are making the world to believe more so, SPON himself will never rubbish anyone to gain cheap credit like some political aspirants does because as a trained Lawyer, he strongly believes all human has equal rights and everyone antecedents should speak for them.

He said that in that Delta North (PDP) enlarged meeting held in Kwale, Senator Peter Nwaoboshi intimated the general public on his achievements so far, which left many wondering how he managed to achieve such, as an opposition Senator in less than three (3) years.

He further said that Senator Peter Nwaoboshi also disclosed to the people of Delta North at Kwale, that he has attracted another proposed 20 roads construction through his NDDC Senate led committee, which has been approved and will be distributes across the Nine (9) Local Government Area of Delta North.

Conclusively, he urged them to become good Ambassadors of SPON and support him in their own little ways, for the betterment of the entire Delta North Senatorial District.

Stressing that they should be in good faith, for no amount or degree of propaganda will stop Senator Peter Nwaoboshi and Senator Ifeanyi Okowa from continuity, come 2019 general elections.

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