Wednesday, February 7, 2018


It is no longer a news that Delta APC for over two year now have been experiencing one challenges or another.

The whole problems is traceable to Olorugun Ortega who unilaterally want to be controlling the party and its entire excos from his bedroom.

He summon LGA and Ward Chairmen at will without due process in line with party constitution and No meaningful discussion with them rather dish out cash and urge them to be loyal to his destructive leadership. Is not only by money.

Though,i am aware that he single handed recruited all the party excos but i expected Jones and the entire excos to be reasonable enough in their dealings.

Ortega now detect every thing for them.People are suspended or remove from their position without due process in line with our constitution. How can the party stand and win?

We got tired of all these and we are calling on Jones and his excos to rise up to their responsibility and but the party to winning shape.

Ortega is just former candidate of the party like any other person,if he have a new aspirations, he will follow it like any other aspirants of the party.

I foresee a situation where parallel excos will soon emerged from various units to state level if care is not taken. A stitch in time save Nile.

Hon Odikpo Eleazar.

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