Sunday, February 4, 2018


By Vincent Oshiagwu.

I'm not ignorant that many, especially youths will cast their stones at me for criticising this immoral TV reality show called Big Brother Naija. I do also know my opinion will attract vociferous outpouring of attacks and for that reason, am so prepared to fight back with facts ; BBNaija is simply polluting our youths and making mockery of our culture and tradition. It is westernizing our identity and heritage. It is draining our sense of decency and negating our morals.

For those who will call for my head,  I owe you no apology and you can't stop me from saying it loud and clear that the content of Big Brother Naija reality show is alien to our culture. It is contrary to the rich cultural values we are trying to promote and bring to the front burner and it feels bad that even our young children watch this kind of sodomic programme that tends to promote obscenity and immorality.

My opinion ; Nigeria will remain in a big socio-cultural mess for as long as the excesses of the housemates in Big Brother Naija are left unchecked. The programme has turned out to be a breeding ground for decadence and promiscuity which our hallowed culture abhors and which must stop. We cannot continue to nurture a society that places a premium on iniquitous shows such as this satanic show and expect to groom a generation of cultured, disciplined and morally upright leaders.

Human kind will always view issues differently just the same way I am seeing it differently from those who feel the TV reality show is educative and entertaining. As for me and few others who will be castigated for standing against this evil show of shame, it is neither educative nor entertaining but raw, porous and disgusting. It is Un-African and runs contrary to the tenet of christianity.

As providence will have it, those in their right thinking senses have joined our train and have also registered and expressed their displeasure at it by openly frowning at the danger it poses for the country and the younger generation, observing it was wholy characterised by alcoholism, nudity, sex, and vulgarism.

One salient question I have for the organizers and promoters of this devilish show is this ; What moral lesson(s) are they teaching our youths and what do they intend to make out of it ? By this, I mean they must ask themselves what values and morals they are projecting to the larger Nigerian society and inculcating into the leaders of tomorrow. Big brother Naija organizers seem to me people with big eyeballs yet blind to reality check in the name of reality show. What benefit is an eye that can't see?

I feel a deep sense of pity, not outrage, not anger, not frustration ....just pure pity and a little nausea for this generation and the next after us each time I read through series of responses from our youths on the social media applauding the organizers and the housemates for keeping them busy and glued to their TV screens only to be fed with garbage that defiles our spirit, culture and belief.

Our cultural values which are the core principles and ideals upon which our nation exists have been abused and bastardised in the name of civilization and westernization.The show does not add any value to our education,  it does not add value to our social and economic life but subtracts so much from our culture and identity as Africans. The show to me is a big mockery of Nigerian culture, identity and total violation of our tradition.

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