Sunday, February 4, 2018



It has become necessary to make the following but necessary clarifications in view of the plethora of questions, answers, arguments,counter arguments, publications and rejoinders; some replete with jibes, sacarsms and disrespectful innuendoes that pervade the social media in respect of the innocuous meeting held by chief Ogboru with the forum of LGA chairmen and secretaries of our party, the APC, penultimate Friday, at his residence in Abraka, Delta State.

1. First and foremost that chief Ogboru as a member, leader and aspirant of our great party, APC, has a right, like other members, leaders and aspirants to freely host or hold a meeting with the relevant party organs and officials and appreciate them with gifts or cash within the limits of his capacity and consistent with the party's guidelines.

2. That the said meeting was a get acquainted gathering, designed to familiarize with the relevant party officials at the LGA level in the presence of the only senator of the party in the state, without ulterior motives. A similar meeting will soon hold with the appropriate party officials and organs at the state level. Therefore we would not be distracted.

3. That the meeting was not clandestine and that there was neither any suggestion for his adoption as the leader or the sole candidate of APC, nor any attempt to adopt him as such was made at anytime during the meeting.

4. That it is most unreasonable and irresponsible for anyone or group to insinuate that the meeting sought to adopt Ogboru as the candidate, given the fact that the party has neither commenced the sale of nomination forms nor has chief Ogboru officially declared his intention to vie for an elective position.

5. That chief Ogboru will not be blackmailed or coerced to hold any meeting with groups or formations not recognized by the party's constitution that are designed to usurp and undermine the relevant organs of the party.

6. That members are bound to espouse differences, disagreements, alliances and even factions in a party where there exists divergent interests, aspirants and actors.

7. That these agitations are expected to be underlined as the days for nomination of the party's candidates draw closer. These are a necessary part of the democratic process.

8. That unity and togetherness would naturally become commonplace in our dear party when a candidate is eventually nominated as efforts towards harmonization would easily get the  cooperation of everyone, despite some exceptions.

9. That chief Ogboru neither released any statement nor authorized anyone to do so on his behalf, including the one purportedly released by Mr. Chris Agaga to sue for peace, because it's totally uncalled for, seeing that there is no trouble anywhere in our dear party in the state.

10. Finally, that chief Ogboru, senator Omo-Agege and other leaders of the party would not lose focus as their commitment and preoccupation to deliver Delta State to our party, APC in 2019 is not negotiable.

Signed -Omolu Tony,
Chief Ogboru's office.

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